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Challenge 100 Inspiration

For our 100th and final challenge, we are celebrating all the fairytale happy endings! Reunions, romantic stories and any final scenes are all on the cards, so long as they are happy.

(Doesn't have to be the end of a character's story though, as we all know the happy ending is only the beginning of the next adventure - you can icon say a character's happy 'ending' even if a couple of scenes or episodes later it goes downhill for them again.)

Don’t forget to include the name of the fandom/fairytale media you are iconning – check the Fairytale Media post if you are unsure what is icon-able!


alexia_drake | charmingthrone | ciuciuvaraworld | crazycordy | daaydreamer

damsiedam | danseur_lion | dixon | gabby227 | harlequinss_s

jsfunction | jussy_baby | kitamikeita | lady_kingsley | lady_turner

littlemermaid | loka_bones | margerydaw_s2 | mayfrayn | misstress_tink

naginis | neatmonster | nyaza | petite_tomate | rashiea

scarred_loretta | seleneheart | shameless666 | sietepecados | starkwars

wretched | tiptoetwirl | tturners | uf0s | vrncamrs

daylghter | magistera | magistera

magistera | magistera | magistera

partofthtworld | scifitvaddict | starkdusts

12witchesstore | adriftingsea | erzsebet | evenstarss | everythingshiny

fuuurs | grringirl | innocent_lexys | longlongwaydown | lookslikerain

midnight_road | mrs-padfoot | naginis | nyvelvet | sorrydearie


♠ You may submit up to five icons for this challenge.
♠ All icons must fit LJ standards: 40kb or less and exactly 100x100px.
♠ All icons must be original and made for this challenge.
♠ Please indicate what fandom your icons are from!
You may submit your icons one of two ways:
1. Submit your icons in a new entry to the community. Please tag your entries with your username and the challenge number.
2. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please submit your icons (images + urls) in a comment to this post. Comments will remain screened.
♠ Icons are due SATURDAY 26th MAY at 12 NOON GMT - (COUNTDOWN HERE).
♠ If you have any questions, please ask them here or at the PAGE-A-MOD post.
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