novindalf (novindalf) wrote in iimpossibletask,

Challenge 100 Reminder & Final Extension

It seemed fitting to extend our final challenge one last time so that if anyone wanted to icon the OUaT finale then they could, so Challenge 100 (Happily Ever After) is extended for 1 week! The final deadline is Saturday 26th May at 12 noon GMT (countdown here!)

It would be wonderful to get as many entries/icons as possible for our final challenge! (alexia_drake and littlemermaid, you are welcome to edit/add to your entries if you like!)

(Please note: if you are iconning the OUaT finale, please put any spoilery icons behind an lj-cut or lj-spoiler tag and indicate outside the cut/tag that your icon(s) contain(s) spoilers!)
Tags: !extension, challenge 100

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